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11th Grade
English Language Arts
Students in the eleventh grade learn to verify and clarify facts presented in expository texts by using a variety of consumer, workplace, and public documents.  They study the elements of an investigative research paper, finding sources for a general topic, gathering evidence to support a thesis, and use a rubric to evaluate the thesis.  Students study early American literature, Puritan literature, literature of the Southern Colonies, and literature of the Middle Colonies.  Eleventh grade students learn public speaking and elements of multimedia presentation.  They study narrative and persuasive essays.  Students learn business communication, writing cover letters and resumes, and understanding workplace documents.
Students in the eleventh grade learn the branches and languages of chemistry.  They study chemical bonds, thermodynamics, mean, and standard deviation.  Students study the atomic model, the nucleus of an atom, atomic weight, and mass number.  They study development of Quantum Theory and Quantum Mechanics as well as Mendeleev's Contribution.  Students learn about elements and energies and the physical properties of matter.  Eleventh grade students study nuclear processes, organic chemistry and biochemistry, acids and bases, and reaction rates.
Social Studies
United States History
Students in the eleventh grade study the first Americans, early settlements, and the Colonial Period.  Students study the state constitutions, the problem of expansion, the extension of slavery, and women's rights.  They learn about The Divided South, The Last Frontier, and the plight of the Indians.  Students learn about the early presidents and their effects on the United States.  They study the booming 1920's, World War II, The Cold War, the culture of the 1950's, and the Vietnam War.  Eleventh grade students learn about the Space Program, Presidents Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush, and the Gulf War.