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4th Grade
English Language Arts
Fourth Grade Language Arts students learn to alphabetize, use the dictionary, understand word meaning and origins, and how to find root words.  Students analyze literature, its themes, plots and characters.  Fourth graders demonstrate the use of the thesaurus. They identify Antonyms, Synonyms, Idioms and Heteronyms. Fourth grade students organize simple and compound sentences, applying regular and irregular verbs, appositives and participial phrases. They learn to distinguish between different forms of literature, such as fables, fantasy, legends and myths.  Students demonstrate writing ability, making paragraphs, writing dialogue and giving a speech.
The fourth grade mathematics program generates the ability to manipulate time and measurement equations, work with fractions and division, and multiply multiple digit numbers. The student completes problems using word problems, liquid and dry measures, and mastering metrics. They also learn geometry, working with ratios and probability, and how to coordinate and construct graphs.
Social Studies
The fourth grade social studies student learns the geography of California, including physical characteristics and regions. The student distinguishes early explorers, and focuses on key time periods, such as Spanish and Mexican rule.  Students study the effects of the Gold Rush and how it changed California.  Fourth grade students learn of California from 1900 to the present.  They organize and write a report on the history of California.
The fourth grade science student demonstrates the importance of magnets and electricity, ecosystems and food chains, and the usefulness of plants and minerals.  They learn about the earth and its changes, oceans of air, wind and weather.  The student conducts experiments and interprets data.  Fourth grade science prepares the student to evaluate frequency, understand sounds in the world, and conduct recycling.