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3rd Grade
English Language Arts
Third grade English students gain the ability to complete different types of sentences and designate the proper usage of nouns, pronouns and verbs in those sentences.  Students learn types of writing, such as fairy tales, folk tales, fables, legends and myths. 
Third grade students master beginning research, writing and speaking.

Third grade students identify and apply math concepts based on state math standards. Included are: multi-digit multiplication, division by 2, 3, 4 and 5, putting decimals to work and fractions.  Students study unit conversions and volume, weight and area. During this year students study geometric shapes, solid objects, data collection and outcome predictions.
Third grade science enhances a child’s mind and imagination. The third grade student learns about different types of scientists and how they work. They learn about matter, energy, light and moving objects. Through hands on projects and study, the third grader learns of the moon, stars and the galaxy. Students also learn of animal behaviors and habitats.
Social Studies
Third grade social studies students illustrate the ability to navigate maps and regions of the United States, as well as the world around us. They study Native Americans, as well as Revolutionary leaders. Students learn national symbols, monuments and study American folklore.  Third grade students learn economics, branches of government and what it means to be a citizen.