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The Starline Solution (TSS) is a character-based, individualized curriculum, designed to allow each student to progress at his or her own pace, which may vary from subject to subject. TSS curriculum is designed to benefit each student individually. 

The Starline Solution (TSS) is an interpretation of the principals of Personalized Systems of Instruction. TSS is a three part system of learning. • Part one is the curriculum – learning that is divided up into bite-sized pieces. • Part two is the system of delivery, a process that insures learning is happening through a self-paced, monitored system. • Part three is the motivational plan that partners all participants in the success of the student. 

The Starline Solution is the students’ annual curriculum divided up into self-directed, bite-sized Learning Units to be used in a classroom supervised by a teacher (whether this is a traditional teacher or home school teacher). Each student will complete the Units at his or her own rate of learning. This means that students will be working on different Units and completing them at different times. This allows the teacher time to work individually with students on problem or enrichment areas.

TSS core curriculum, written to state standards, includes Mathematics, English--Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, as well as a host of supplemental and elective courses. Each of the core curriculum subjects is divided into 10 or 12 units per grade level. Students can progress at their own pace to complete each of the subjects and levels. This allows students to progress at a faster rate to accelerate in the areas of their academic strengths, while still allowing students to progress at a slower rate while working at their level of proficiency in another subject. TSS is designed to be used within a Personalized System of Instruction (PSI) learning environment. 
Dr. Sandra Combs, Owner

Dr. Combs has over 40 years of experience in education, from kindergarten through college. 
First as a preschool teacher, then on to teaching all grade levels and finally as a k12 school administrator, her credentials and PhD Degree in Education qualify her as an expert in meeting the educational needs of students of all ages. Her educational experiences include being founder and superintendent of the Yuba City Charter School; and several other charter schools; and teaching teachers and administrators at Chapman University, University of Phoenix and Kaplan University. Her expertise in program design and implementation bring practical knowledge  to the curriculum development process. Balancing staffing, budgeting, purchasing and client relations, in addition to day-to-day troubleshooting, make her a quality manager. Her innovation, creativity and boldness in program development have contributed to this quality curriculum being used throughout the nation and around the world.

Our Writers -- Starline Professionals
The Starline writers are a team of practicing and retired teachers, business professionals, home-school moms, degreed professionals, and technical experts. This writing team provides a diversity of teaching voices "heard" in the homeschooling curriculum, charter school curriculum, and homeschool books for sale, each course giving the student a broader perspective of expression in his continuing educational journey.

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